Production Area & Facilities Design

The layout and design of the organic manufacturing factory (i.e. specifically the food factory) must be adopted to the hygienic requirements of a given production process, packaging and storage area requirements. The interior of the factory must be designed so that the flow of materials, personnel, air and waste can proceed in the right direction.

The simulation of the flow of people, materials, products and waste can help in determining the most appropriate place for installing the process equipment with its infrastructural components (i.e. where the process and utility piping should enter the process area). Even the simulation of maintenance and cleaning operations can be useful to determine the most appropriate factory/production area layout.

Our Production Area & Facilities Design advisory services offer the design of packages with the requirements towards the building  and production area, including but not limited to piping, wear-and chemicals-resistant floors, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems, hygienically designed drain systems.

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