Manufacturing Process & Technology

Natural and organic products are always considered a reliably safer option because fewer or no chemicals or chemical industry by-products are used in processing and preparation. The challenge is in understanding the specificities and features of organic manufacturing process versus just ‘modern-day’ processing.

The choice over selection of the proper manufacturing process and technique with processes and equipments used will define the final result of the manufacturing process, i.e. the finished products with natural makeup charachteristics.

Our Advisory Services on Manufacturing Process & Technology embrace the selection and  use of range of manufacturing schemes and techniques that support traditional/natural ways of production, where the technological process and machinery is used to allow the finished products be in line with capacity to address the characteristics of natural or organic products.
Specific attention is paid for the selection of the right equipments for the provision of continuous manufacturing process with requirements on equipment materials that should be designed from organic-grade materials compatible with the products produced and resistant against the cleaning lubricants applied to clean the production equipment.

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