Type of services provided: Management Advisory Services

Feasibility study for two illustrative sectors including olives and fishery was performed with the main objective to developing the roadmaps on starting up the businesses. The thorough study of selected businesses and entrepreneurs in olives processing and fishery was conducted, survey on industry specific issues was delivered to determine the statutory legislation requirements on starting up the business. The developed Maps provided the information on lead-times and necessary steps for documents’ submission and liaison with all governmental entities for the purpose of starting up the business in olives manufacturing and fishery businesses.

The final Project deliverables have been circulated across olives and fishery producers in Absheron, Sheki-Gabala,  Zagatala-Balakan districts with number of workshops delivered to address the explanation of the maps.

The Consultancy Services have been delivered within the frame of Azerbaijan Competitiveness and Trade Project sponsored by Government of Azerbaijan Republic and USAID.