Type of services provided: Management & Production Engineering Advisory Services

Isgandarov and Partners LLC has designed and launched the sourdough bakery production. The Project consisted of full range of activities from designing and implementing manufacturing engineering process (including the preparation of wheat/rye based sourdough) to designing the production area based on bakery technological requirements.

The acquisition of fixed assets and developing the supply chain by selecting the suppliers of wheat/rye, flour and other ingredients, as well as packaging was a part of the assignment. The Project assignment required to develop the product lines as well with developing the production and sales plans and schedules for developed bakery products. The selection of labor and provision of professional trainings was arranged for bakery personnel.

Our main choice of sourdough production is stipulated with the generally accepted idea that sourdough compared to other leavening agents (e.g. baker`s yeast) has numerous positive effects when used for manufacturing baked goods, i.e. it improves the nutritional value, flavor, texture and shelf life of breads.